Jim Jordan Is Scared And Smearing The Trump Special Counsel



Rep. Jim Jordan is worried about Donald Trump being indicted, so he is smearing Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Jordan tweeted:

All of the old House Republican right-wing chestnuts are coming back. Jordan has brought the conversation around to the bogus and debunked IRS scandal.

For those who don’t recall, the IRS scandal was centered around a false Republican claim that conservative groups were targeted by the IRS during the Obama administration.

The unredacted Treasury Department report later revealed that the IRS had been targeting both progressive and conservative organizations. Republicans had been lying to puff a scandal that was not true.

Jim Jordan is attempting to smear the Special Counsel because he sees the writing on the wall. The appointment of a Special Counsel is a big step toward Donald Trump being indicted. 

Jordan is trying to discredit any potential indictment of Trump by smearing the Special Counsel’s motives.

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Republicans like Jim Jordan are scared because their political house of cards will collapse if Trump goes down.

The smearing of the Special Counsel is a sign that Republicans know that they have a growing problem. They are stuck with Trump, and he could soon be indicted.


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