Archbishop Vigano Calls Out Words of Pope Francis’s ‘President of the Pontifical Academy for Life’ for Praising Law Legalizing Abortion


Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano launched a press release yesterday condemning the current feedback of Pope Francis’s President of the Pontifical Academy for Life Vicenzo Paglia, who shared that the legislation legalizing abortion is “a pillar of our social life”. 

Archbishop Vigano’s unique message is as follows:

The President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Vincenzo Paglia, in the midst of an interview given to Italian tv channel RaiTre on August 26 (here), referred to the notorious Legislation 194 legalizing abortion as “a pillar of our social life,” scandalizing tens of millions of Italian Catholics who’re trustworthy to the Magisterium and are nonetheless conscious of the fiery phrases of John Paul II in opposition to that horrible crime, which in Italy alone has sacrificed over six million harmless youngsters on the altar of selfishness and liberal antichristic ideology.

The simply indignation of the ecclesial physique in response to the statements of the President of an Academy based by John Paul II exactly with a purpose to oppose abortion is accompanied by the applause of the advocates of “reproductive well being” and the “interruption of being pregnant,” who’re at all times able to accuse the Church of interference when she speaks with the voice of Christ, however but provide reward as quickly as her worst exponents prostitute themselves to the aligned considered the world and undertake the dishuman ideas of neomalthusianism as their very own.

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As Shepherd and Successor of the Apostles, I’m unable to not condemn with the best power Paglia’s scandalous phrases, which contradict the Gospel and the instructing of the Roman Pontiffs.

The New World Order, the United Nations, the WHO, the European Union, the World Financial Discussion board, the Trilateral Fee, the Bilderberg Membership, and all of the organizations which comply with the Agenda 2030 think about the barbaric killing of the harmless little one within the mom’s womb with no consideration, as a “pillar of social life.” It’s emblematic and revealing that the sect of apostates who infest the Catholic Hierarchy and have occupied its highest ranges discover themselves aligned with the ideological positions of the enemies of Christ, not solely on points which can be seemingly unconnected – just like the psychopandemic narrative and inexperienced ideology – but additionally within the denial of the very foundations of the Pure Legislation, together with respect for all times from conception to pure demise.

Here’s a image of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Vincenzo Paglia, with Pope Francis:

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