Biden Brilliantly Turned The Tables On The NRA/GOP


President Biden turned the NRA and the Republican Celebration’s argument about defending rights towards them in his gun speech.

Biden Takes On The NRA’s Rights Argument


President Biden mentioned, “There have at all times been limitations and weapons you may personal in America. For instance, machine weapons have been federally relegated for practically 90 years. That is nonetheless a free nation. This isn’t about taking anybody’s rights. It’s about defending kids. It’s about defending households. It’s about defending complete communities. Is about defending our freedom to go to highschool, to a grocery retailer, to a church, with out being shot and killed.”

Biden Calls On The US To Defend The Proper Not To Be Shot

Biden additionally known as for an assault weapons ban, a ban on excessive capability magazines, crimson flag legal guidelines, and elevating the age to purchase an assault weapon from age 18 to 21.

President Biden brilliantly turned the NRA and Republican Celebration’s argument about rights towards them by speaking about the proper of males, ladies, and youngsters to have the ability to go to church, the grocery retailer, or college and never be shot.

Republicans are at all times so hung up on defending the rights of potential mass shooters that they by no means focus on the rights of the those that get shot.

The youngsters of Sandy Hook, Columbine, Parkland, and Uvalde all had a proper to go to highschool and never be shot.

Who’s defending the proper of the American folks to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

If Republicans need to discuss rights, let’s discuss the proper to not be shot.

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