Biden Rips The Mask Off Of Kevin McCarthy And The GOP


President Biden exposed Kevin McCarthy and GOP as being motivated solely by power and said that they have no platform other than to tear down.


Biden said when asked about McCarthy suggesting opposing more aid to Ukraine during an interview with MSNBC:

Well, look, I can understand somebody having that view who is uninformed, and believe it, because it costs so much money to help them. We’re spending a lot of money helping Ukrainians. But there’s so much more than Ukrainians. It’s about NATO, about Western Europe, it’s about making sure that Putin is not able to succeed in a way that he is using the brutality of his activities. And I think that — I just think it’s about, again, this notion of power. And either lack of knowledge or power. One of the two is the driving force. Maybe both. But I don’t know.

Look, Jonathan, I think that this is not a referendum. This is a choice. A choice between what kind of country you want, between, for example, do you let — do you make sure that we’re able to afford prescription drugs for people that are elderly? Do we have a circumstance where we’re able to negotiate, Medicare is able to negotiate drug prices? Are we in a position where, and you go down the list of all of the issues out there, and we know that, look, the Republicans have made it clear, first thing they want to do is a lot of them, most of them voted against the bill to reconstruct America through the infrastructure bill.

Highways, roads, you know, they all voted against to a person, voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides for environmental security and safety, and I mean, I just don’t — they don’t have a platform other than tear down what I have been able to do. We have been able to do. And I don’t know what they’re for.

The Republican claims that they care about inflation have been exposed as a lie. Republicans plan on increasing inflation by trying to force Biden to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations. 

Republicans don’t have a platform. Their goal is to undo the progress that Biden and the Democrats have made while launching a series of investigations that they hope will pave the way for Donald Trump to return to the presidency in 2024.

The GOP is running an outrage election and hoping that voter anger about inflation will give them control of the House and Senate.

The most likely outcome continues to be that Republicans win the House, but Democrats keep the Senate.

Kevin McCarthy has been running a scam on the voters, and President Biden called it out.

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