Chuck Schumer Deflates GOP By Reminding Them 3 Spy Balloons Flew Over The US While Trump Was President


At a press conference, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reminded Republicans that three spy balloons flew over the US while Trump was president and none were shot down.

Schumer’s remarks as provided to PoliticusUSA by his office:

Also at the press conference, Leader Schumer said that at least 3 of these balloons that we know of went over portions of U.S. during the Trump presidency and that the Biden administration is considering other action against China for their brazen activities. Schumer revealed that we do know that once the balloon was exposed to the public, China attempted to maneuver the balloon to leave the U.S. as soon as they could.

Finally, on GOP criticism to shoot the balloon, given the facts, Schumer is calling that out, saying the rhetoric on the other side of aisle was politically motivated, premature, and not based on facts of the situation.

“Republican critics were breathless, political, and premature. President Biden and his team were calm, calculating, and effective,” Schumer concluded.

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Republicans did not say a single word when spy balloons flew over the United States when Trump was president, but under Biden, it is a national security crisis that must be dealt with now even if it means killing innocent Americans on the ground.

The GOP won’t acknowledge the fact that the same situation happened under Trump with zero consequences. The US military has the capacity to jam the spy balloon so that it couldn’t collect intelligence.

Schumer both called out the Republican hypocrisy and their desperation to criticize anything that Biden does.

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