Demand for Physical Precious Metals Skyrockets as Central Banks Buy Everything in Sight


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The ongoing banking crisis has exposed flaws in the various financial systems governing western capitalism in the Biden era. While companies like BlackRock as well as the Biden-Harris regime pushed companies, financial advisors, and individual investors toward “woke” ESG purchases, their cronies at central banks have been busy buying up physical precious metals.

Gold and silver in particular have been hot.

In fact, the bank runs of recent weeks had been quietly preceded by “vault runs” with physical precious metals being moved out of the Comex system. Now that the cat appears to be out of the bag, central bankers are ramping up purchases of physical precious metals even more.

As economist Peter Schiff recently noted, “I have previously called this a run on the vault but labeled it as a stealthy one. As though certain investors did not want to raise the alarm, but slowly take possession while inventory was still available.”

Our friends at Genesis have seen a massive increase in demand for physical precious metals as well over the past couple of weeks. As an America First, faith-driven company, they work with Gateway Pundit readers to facilitate rolling over retirement accounts into self-directed IRAs backed by physical gold and silver (plus, Gateway Pundit benefits when you do).

Working with Genesis is a great benefit as they only deal in physical precious metals; “virtual” or “paper” precious metals are of no interest to us.

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