Even CNN is Reporting on Biden Corruption After Biden Family Received $1 Million Indirectly From Chinese Company (VIDEO)


CNN has been given the green light to report on the Biden Crime family.

The Biden family received $1 million after an associate received $3 million from China.

The shocking news was released on Thursday from the House Oversight Committee.

Documents released by the House Oversight Committee also revealed Hallie Biden, widow of Beau Biden, got in on the China cash the family was making.

CNN actually reported on the House Oversight’s memo revealing Biden received $1 million after China wired a Biden family associate $3 million.

“Three Biden family members in 2017 received over $1 million indirectly from a Shanghai-based company” AFTER a Biden associate “received a $3 million wire from the same company…then transferred a third of those funds to various Biden family bank accounts.” – CNN reported.


A Biden associate “gets $3 million from a Chinese-based company and proceeds to wire it out to a bunch of people named Biden,” said CNN’s Erin Burnett.

“That doesn’t look good,” she said.


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