Far Left Has-Been Keith Olbermann Says FOX News Must be Closed Down for National Security Reasons (VIDEO)


Do you remember Keith Olbermann? He made a name for himself at MSNBC back in the early 2000s by going on the air almost every night and calling George W. Bush a fascist.

Now he has been reduced to doing a podcast. People like him never really go away, no matter how far they fall.

Keith must be really worried about Tucker Carlson getting his hands on the J6 footage, because he is now calling for FOX News to be shut down, for national security reasons.

Twitchy reported:

First, congratulations to Keith Olbermann for finding a website that will host his podcast, “Countdown.” The selfies of him shouting from his balcony were getting a little repetitive, so it’s good he’s found an outlet.

As Twitchy has reported, both Rep. Adam Schiff and CNN analyst Adam Kinzinger are having tantrums that Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given more than 40,000 hours of January 6 footage to Tucker Carlson and his staff. Plenty reminded Kinzinger that Congress has had this footage all along and that his select committee chose to work with a former ABC producer to edit together a “highlight reel” for the public.

Olbermann isn’t just angry that Carlson has the video; he thinks Fox News should be shut down as a national security risk, as the footage will likely be used to “provide a roadmap” for future insurrectionists to evade detection.

Watch below, this is pretty funny.

Some people were not impressed.

Keith really does seem to need help. He is as unhinged as he ever was, although with a much smaller audience.

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