Finding It Hard To Fall Asleep? You’re Not Alone



Good sleep is vital to our health, yet millions of people struggle to get the recommended seven to eight hours per night. Achieving deep, restful sleep can be difficult, especially if we’re dealing with common sleep disruptors like stress, an inconsistent bedtime routine, or exposure to light before bed.

If you’re struggling to fall asleep, you’re not alone. In fact, 60 percent of adults report having sleep problems at least a few nights per week.

This is not surprising, considering the amount of stress that people are under. Plus, some of us are in pain, or are taking medication that has side effects that make it difficult to sleep or have a medical condition that makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Before you go to an expensive sleep specialist or use Big Pharma’s medications, there are things that you can do to help yourself fall asleep, including:


  • Taking a warm bath before bed

  • Doing some gentle stretching exercises before bed

  • Trying a supplement that includes melatonin, ashwagandha and magnesium

Our bodies produce melatonin naturally, but sometimes we don’t produce enough. As we age, we produce less, and that can affect our sleep.

– The Mayo Clinic says, “Evidence suggests that melatonin supplements promote sleep and are safe for short-term use.” Without enough melatonin, our bodies risk not getting enough restful sleep.

Ashwagandha is known for its stress-relieving properties, but also supports focus and memory, necessary for recharging your body.

– Healthline reports, “A study in 50 adults ages 65–80 found that taking 600 mg of ashwagandha root per day for 12 weeks significantly improved sleep quality and mental alertness upon waking compared with a placebo treatment.”

Magnesium supports your ability to relax your muscles. When your muscles relax, your mind prepares for sleep.

– The Sleep Foundation notes, “What’s clear from the research is that a lack of magnesium negatively impacts sleep. A serious shortage of magnesium in the body is rare. However, some of the signs of insufficient magnesium in your diet are muscle weakness and tiredness. Low levels of magnesium are associated with poor sleep quality and insomnia.”

But it’s not always easy to get all the right levels of each melatonin, ashwagandha and magnesium. Plus, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on lots of bottles of supplements.

That’s why the good people at Liberty Tree created Sleep Enhancer gummies. They put melatonin, ashwagandha and magnesium all together in one tasty gummy, (plus, you’ll benefit Gateway Pundit with your purchase).

Each Sleep Enhancer gummy includes:

  • 2.5 mgs of melatonin

  • 100 mgs of ashwagandha

  • 10 mgs of magnesium

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Where is Sleep Enhancer by Liberty Tree made? In the USA, of course!

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If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep on a regular basis, you’re not alone.

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You need your rest — with enough deep sleep, you’ll be prepared for an energized new day!

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(Nothing in this is medical advice. Please consult a physician before taking any supplements).


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