High School Football Star in Need of a New Heart After a Major Heart Attack


A local high school football player is fighting for his life after suffering a massive heart attack in November, and he is asking the general public for help.

Markus Martinez, a former Columbine High School football star and now senior at Bear Creek High School, suffered a major heart attack Thursday, November 17, 2022.

According to a fundraising campaign created for Markus, the doctors were successful in removing some of the blood clots, but not all of them.

Now, Markus’ left ventricular heart muscle has been permanently damaged. UCHealth cardiologists have recommended that he undergo a heart transplant because his heart is only functioning at 12–15% capacity. Although the family does not know what caused this, they remain hopeful and are providing Markus with the best care possible.

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Markus has been in and out of the hospital since November.

“It’s been a little tough on him that he can’t get up, get out of bed and do his normal activities and stuff that he used to do, but he’s hanging in there,” Markus’ father, Steven Martinez, told FOX 31 Denver.

According to Steven, everyone in the family was shocked upon hearing the news of Markus’ sudden heart attack.

“I just couldn’t believe it was happening to someone so young and athletic,” Steven said.

Shelly Segura, Markus’ mother, said that her son needs a new heart as soon as possible.

“His heart is just unfortunately too sick right now,” Segura said. “We’ve all come together and have been praying for him. We’re really trying to stay positive for Markus.”

You can help the family with Markus’ medications, a possible heart transplant, and any other unexpected medical expenses here.

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