House Republicans Fall Apart At Press Conference And Admit Biden Investigation Is A Sham



Incoming House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer admitted that his investigation into Joe Biden is based on sources they found on the Internet.

Comer accused Biden of human trafficking:

The truth slipped out when a reporter asked about the sources for Republican allegations against Biden:

Comer said when asked to reveal the sources for his allegations, “We can’t reveal our sources, but the two are on the Internet. You can dig and find them. They’re out there, but we verified. They’re one hundred percent factual.”

Rep. Comer said that the entire purpose of the House Oversight Committee under government control will be investigating Joe Biden.

The House Republican majority is going to be a clown show. I hope the American people aren’t going to get any more legislation that is important or improves their lives.

Republicans aren’t going to try to govern. They will use the House majority to investigate Joe Biden and try to help Donald Trump win the 2024 election.

It doesn’t matter what sort of bogus allegations they make against President Biden, if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, the GOP will lose in 2024. The House will not be participating in governance for the next two years.

Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud. They don’t care about inflation, the economy, or jobs. The House GOP’s only purpose is to investigate Joe Biden.




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