House Republicans Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day With A Speech By Fake Jewish Person George Santos


House Republicans did their part to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day by allowing Rep. George Santos to deliver remarks about anti-semitism on the House floor.


Santos said, “Anti-semitism is a plague in this nation, and it is undoubtedly up to us to make sure that this kind of tragedy is never to be seen again.”

Not only did George Santos lie about being Jewish, but he also has a documented history of making offensive comments about Jews.

Jacqueline Sweet of Patch reported:

Years ago, embattled Long Island Rep. George Santos commented on a Facebook post with what appear to be intended-jokes about Hitler, a phrase that appears to salute Hitler and observations about “the Jews and black[s],” exclusive screenshots obtained by Patch show.

Santos was so offensive that his own friends kept screenshots of his online postings for more than 11 years.

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It is on brand for House Republicans to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with comments from a fake Jewish person who made pro-Hitler jokes and insensitive comments about Jews.

Rep. Santos will be a blight on the entire Congress until he is removed from office either through a criminal conviction or the will of voters of New York’s third congressional district in 2024.

Santos is much worse than a joke. He is an insult who needs to go.

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