January 6 Prisoners and Their Families Petition Speaker McCarthy to Release the 41,000 Hours of Capital Video to The Gateway Pundit Investigative Team and J6 Families


On Monday, Axios reported that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had given Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from the Jan. 6 protests.

Since January 2021, The Gateway Pundit has shared the plight of the January 6 political prisoners, while the mainstream media has ignored the plight of these men and women, stalked their families and homes, smeared their good name, and repeatedly lied about the events on January 6, 2021.

Many of these prisoners had their homes raided by the FBI, lost their livelihoods, have been separated from their friends and families and had their reputations ruined by entrenched politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Dozens still sit in prison without a trial.  Several were convicted and sent to prison for walking into an open door of the US Capitol and leaving minutes later when asked.

Chris Wray is STILL hunting down Trump supporters who stood outside the US Capitol that day.  The DC prosecutors are STILL hiding evidence from the families and prisoners in their DC kangaroo court trials.

The Gateway Pundit has been with these men and women from the beginning. TGP told their stories and helped their families. TGP has published hundreds of reports, shared letters from the prisoners, released audio and video, spoke with their families and told THEIR SIDE of the story.  We told the truth.

The Gateway Pundit helped raised nearly $2 million to help these fellow Americans feed their families and fight the trumped-up allegations in the DC Kangaroo courts.  Even leftist Rolling Stone magazine was forced to admit the impact we have had.

TGP put together the single most comprehensive database on January 6, The American Gulag, that provides current information about each prisoner, including relevant news articles, an arrest map, and a list of those currently incarcerated.  We also provide ways for you to contact those in prison, and to help cover their legal and living expenses.

TGP is asking Speaker McCarthy to release the J6 footage to our research team and the families of the January 6 victims and prisoners.

TGP plans to make this footage available to the American public, especially to the defendants and their families who have been blocked from receiving pertinent information that has been withheld from defendants to wage a defense.

This Wednesday morning, the undersigned send this message and request to Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  “We, the January 6 prisoners and family members, respectfully request that the Speaker provide access to the more than 41,000 hours of Capital footage directly to The Gateway Pundit research team and to the J6 families.”

If you are a January 6 defendant, family member, or attorney, and would like to add your name to this request, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Petition.”

The following people have signed their name to this request:

  1. Jim Hoft, Founder & Editor, The Gateway Pundit
  2. Cara Castronuova, Investigative Reporter
  3. Micki Witthoeft, Mother of Ashli Babbitt
  4. Nice Reffit, Wife J6 Defendant Guy Reffitt
  5. Jake Lang, J6 Defendant
  6. Ed Lang, Father of J6 Defendant Jake Lang
  7. Jeremy Brown, J6 Defendant
  8. Tylene Aldridge, Girlfriend of J6 Defendant Jeremy Brown
  9. Tommy Tatum, Tommy Tatum News
  10. David Valentine, Freedoms-Express Media
  11. Gary McBride, M5News
  12. Manny Perryman, Wife of J6 Defendant Brian Jackson
  13. Lydia Sorrow, J6 Investigator
  14. Stewart Rhodes, Founder, Oath Keepers, J6 Defendant
  15. Phillip Anderson, J6 victim
  16. Victoria White, J6 Defendant and J6 Abuse Victim
  17. Retired US Army CPT Gabriel Garcia, J6 Defendant
  18. Thomas Harlen Smith, J6 Defendant
  19. Donnie Duane Wren, J6 Defendant
  20. Treniss Evans, Founder of Condemned USA, J6 Defendant
  21. Matthew Krol, J6 Defendant
  22. Lisa Krol, Wife of J6 Defendant Matthew Krol
  23. Lisa DeLong, Sister of J6 Matthew Krol
  24. Micajah Jackson, Marine, J6 Defendant
  25. Brady Knowlton, J6 Defendant, law student
  26. AJ Fischer, J6 Defendant
  27. Ali Alexander, Stop the Steal organizer
  28. Annette Kuehne, Wife of J6 Defendant Christopher Kuehne
  29. Aubrey Webb, Defense Attorney
  30. Gilbert Fonticoba, J6 Defendant
  31. Rachel Powell, J6 Defendant
  32. Laura Elizabeth Jenkins, American Gulag editor
  33. David Sumrall, STOPHATE.com
  34. Ashton Richie, Condemned USA

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