JD Vance And Ronna McDaniel Attack Pelosi After Her Husband Was Assaulted


Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance and RMC Chair Ronna McDaniel fired up Republicans at an Ohio get-out-the-vote rally by attacking Nancy Pelosi on the same day her husband was assaulted.

George H.W. Bush’s kinder, gentler Republican Party has been replaced with this:

On a day when the Pelosi family is dealing with a horrendous tragedy, a political party with tact and grace would put the attacks away against the Speaker of the House.

Vance and McDaniel have nothing positive to offer Ohio voters. Vance could have faced the crowd and said, “Are you ready for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations?”

McDaniel could have asked the audience, “Who is fired up to see Republicans cut Social Security and Medicare?”

Republicans like Vance and McDaniel revealed their character deficiencies by cuddling up with Donald Trump, but when the only way to fire up your supporters is to attack a woman whose husband was just beaten with a hammer, it reveals more about what the Republican Party has become than any series of thirty-second ads ever could.

The GOP has taken Ronald Reagan’s Morning In America and twisted it into Mourning For America.

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