JUST IN: Six More Powerhouse Journalists Leave Project Veritas News Organization


As reported earlier,  James O’Keefe was fired by the board of Project Veritas last month, the media organization he founded 13 years ago. He gave a 45 minute going away speech to staff on his final day. The speech was later leaked to The Gateway Pundit and several news outlets.

Earlier this month The Gateway Pundit reported that Project Veritas fired one of its top undercover journalists following after James was removed from the board.

The newly installed PV brass said it was for “financial reasons.”  A second top reporter walked out soon after the firing.

On Monday a source close to The Gateway Pundit with ties to Project Veritas told us that six more powerhouse journalists have since left the company.

Our source compared it to the Titanic where people are falling off the railing and hitting their heads on the way down.

The new leadership is still attempting to stop the bleeding after they ousted Jame O’Keefe. Several donors demanded their donations returned after James O’Keefe was ousted in February.

Project Veritas is struggling to reshape the business without James O’Keefe at the helm.

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