Laura Loomer Was Right – Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Lied About Shadow Banning Conservatives


Lara Loomer was right and she is owed an apology. 

In September of 2018, Lara Loomer crashed a Congressional Hearing in Washington DC. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was presenting before a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

During the hearing, Loomer interrupted the proceedings and began to call out Jack and Twitter for shadow-banning conservatives.  She also accused him of trying to steal the 2020 Election.

While speaking out about Jack, Missouri GOP Rep. Billy Long attempted to drown out Loomer’s interruption by showing off his auctioneering skills.  This was an unforgettable moment in House politics.

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Looking back, however, Loomer was right.

This was not the first time Jack made this claim. Jack Dorsey at Twitter declared to the world that Twitter was not shadow-banning individual accounts back in 2018.

Loomer was also right about the fake Kamala Harris stunt in Florida.

She also was right about not placing Proud Boys in the same camp as racist, violent, and anti-semetic groups like Black Lives Matter.

GOP Candidate Laura Loomer: Don’t Lump Proud Boys into Racist, Violent, Anti-Semitic Groups Like Black Lives Matter

Loomer has a unique way of sharing it but she is often right on target.

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