Marjorie Taylor Greene Freaks Out Because Kevin McCarthy May Crash And Burn


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is having a fit because Kevin McCarthy might lose and not become Speaker of the House.

Greene on soon to be behind bars Steve Bannon’s podcast:

Greene explained that any group that gets to 218 votes in the House will be able to pick the next speaker, and the Freedom Caucus by challenging McCarthy is going to open the door to moderates and Democrats picking the next speaker.

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It is still unknown what kind of deal Kevin McCarthy made with Marjorie Taylor Greene in the hope that she would be able to deliver him enough right-wing votes to be the speaker.

Greene has stated that she was promised an investigation into Nancy Pelosi and the 1/6 attack and an investigation into how the 1/6 terrorists are being treated. McCarthy has promised Greene committee assignments and more power.

Rep, Greene seems terrified that moderates could make Liz Cheney or Paul Ryan speaker.

There is a real chance if the Republican majority splinters for Democrats and a handful of moderate Republicans to pick the next Speaker of the House, and if that happens, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s time in power will end before it ever began, and a coalition of the sane will keep the far right from running wild in the House.

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