Progressive Firm Kicks Kyrsten Sinema To The Curb


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been dumped by a top progressive firm after leaving the Democratic Party.

Politico reported:

The leading progressive digital firm Authentic has dropped Kyrsten Sinema as a client, after the Arizona senator announced she was leaving the Democratic Party, according to a person close to the firm.

Authentic has represented Sinema for years. But the firm saw an internal revolt over its work for the senator earlier this year as she voted against several of the Biden administration’s initiatives and refused to support revamping filibuster rules to move legislation on voting rights.

The digital firm dropping Sinema is an example of the problems that she could face. Sinema didn’t get dropped because she is no longer a Democrat. Lots of liberal and progressive firm do work for Bernie Sanders and he’s an Independent too.

It is the sort of Independent that Sinema has become that is the problem. Sinema is a pro-corporate obstructionist who is more interest in her brand and protecting her seat than any sort of ideological agenda.

Progressives rallied around Sinema and supported her Senate campaign. They are a big reason why she won.

Without the Democratic and progressive support, Sinema isn’t just a senator without a party. She is a senator who might not have the grassroots infrastructure that is needed to win.

Kyrsten Sinema chose this path, and it may lead her straight out of the Senate.

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