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Support for Biden among women is now starting to slip. He has the lowest support among women of any Democrat since 2004.

Women are one of the last reliable parts of the Democrat coalition that has stood by Biden despite his disastrous presidency. Black voters are abandoning him, as well as Latino voters and young voters. If he loses women, he is toast.

And even worse, this is coming from the liberal New York Times.

Breitbart News has details:

NYT Analysis: Support for Joe Biden Among Women Hits Lowest for Any Democrat Since 2004

President Joe Biden’s support among women is the lowest for any Democrat since 2004, a New York Times polling analysis found in June, while former President Donald Trump notched an eight-point lead over his opponent among the same demographic.

The analysis raises further concerns about the president’s chances of reelection in the wake of rising costs. Women, a key demographic for Democrats, make a large portion of buying decisions for their households, studies show.

Just four years ago, in 2020, Biden led Trump by 13 points among women. Now, Trump leads by eight points, a total gain of 21 points, according to the Times’s average of more than 30 polls conducted since January.

From the NY Times:

Mr. Biden’s current struggles with [b]lack and Hispanic women are especially striking. He is winning among [b]lack women in the KFF survey by 58 percentage points, but that represents a significant drop from his 86 percentage point margin among [b]lack women in the approach to the 2020 election, according to an average of New York Times/Siena College polls from that election. Mr. Biden’s lead with Hispanic women has also shrunk substantially, to about 12 points. The survey found Mr. Biden’s lead among women overall to be four points…

Overall, twice as many women say they were better off financially under Mr. Trump, the KFF surveys found. Young women, a key constituency that Democrats are hoping to retain this cycle, were nearly three times as likely to say things were better for them financially under Mr. Trump than Mr. Biden.

This alone could doom Biden in November.

Expect Democrats to start hammering the abortion issue even harder. Biden cannot afford to lose women in November, though he just might.

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