Report: Transgender Woman Left in Tears After TSA Agent Hits ‘Her’ Testicles at JFK Airport


Source: Daily Mail

A transgender woman who claimed he was punched in the testicles by a TSA agent who then reportedly yelled at ‘her’ for having a penis has demanded the removal of airport TSA screenings, the Daily Mail reported.

After the incident, the trans woman shared a now-deleted selfie of himself crying in a bathroom stall and saying ‘her’ “balls still hurt so bad.”

“I don’t want the TSA agent that hurt me fired,” he said in a post. “I want her educated and the entirety of TSA abolished altogether.”

He claimed the female agent ‘humiliated’ him in the airport security check line, followed him into the women’s restroom, and then talked about the incident with a coworker while he cried in a cubicle.

Source: Daily Mail

Daily Mail reported:

After the accusations were posted to social media, the airport said they were investigating the incident.

‘We apologize again for your experience,’ it said in response on Twitter. ‘Your comments have been noted and shared.’

The transgender flyer’s decision to rush to the airport stall, and accusation that the TSA agent took issue with it, comes over seven years after New York passed a law to allow a person of any gender to use any bathroom of their choosing.

Similar laws are also in effect in several other states, including North Carolina, California and Nevada.

A law passed in 2021 also saw Americans allowed to legally change their gender on their passports, without the need for medical documents.

However, that same year, another TSA row erupted when a transgender woman hit out at screenings for being ‘transphobic’ after an ‘anomaly’ was detected between her legs that ‘set off the alarm’.

While Rosalynne Montoya was moving through the security, a TSA officer reportedly pressed a button designating her as a woman – triggering the alarm when she walked through the body scanner.

‘Can we talk about how horrible it is to travel while being transgender sometimes? I always have immense anxiety leading up to going through security,’ she explained.

After being flagged by the security system, she called on the TSA to ‘remove the gender settings from their scanners’ to cater to transgender people.

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