Ron DeSantis Accused Of Punishing Florida Republicans That Endorse Trump


Gov. Ron DeSantis is accused of lashing out at Florida state legislators who endorsed Trump by vetoing funding for their projects.

A state senator that endorsed Trump accused DeSantis of punishing the state’s Trump endorsers:

Sen. Joe Gruters accused Gov. DeSantis of punishing the people of his Sarasota district because he endorsed Donald Trump for president. No one should be surprised that the same governor who tried to go to war with Disney and used his power to attempt to punish one of the biggest brands in the world would seek revenge on members of the legislature in his state who endorsed Donald Trump.

DeSantis vetoed $511 million from the state budget, with almost $30 million coming from the district of a state senator who endorsed Trump.

The governor has not commented on why he vetoed the projects.

It doesn’t matter how many felony charges Trump piles up, DeSantis continues to lose ground to him. DeSantis and his super PAC promised that the American people would see him go after Trump once the Florida governor was officially in the race, but all that has happened is that Ron DeSantis has lost even more ground to Trump.

Ron DeSantis looks small, and like he doesn’t have what it takes to challenge and defeat Donald Trump. DeSantis is the new Scott Walker. Gov. DeSantis will last longer in the Republican primary than Scott Walker did, but his pettiness and thin skin are two reasons he appears destined to fail.

It looks like DeSantis is throwing a fit because his campaign is flopping, and he is taking it out on Republican legislators in Florida.

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