Sen. Chris Murphy Shows Democrats How To Answer Biden Questions


Sen. Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) answer on Sunday morning revealed that the Capitol Hill Democratic Biden panic might be coming to an end.

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Murphy said when asked by CNN’s Dana Bash if he thought Biden could be Trump:

Oh, absolutely. Listen, I think the president needs to answer those questions that voters have. If he does that this week, I think he will be in a very good position and we can get back to what this campaign needs to be a contrast between Joe Biden, a decent, honorable man of character and Donald Trump, a pathological liar who is advertised that he wants to endorse and mainstream political violence in this country. But again, if the president is unwilling to do the things necessary to restore voters confidence or answer voters questions, then of course, he has a decision to make about what the best path forward is for the country. But if he answers those questions this week, there’s no doubt that he can win this race.


By voters, Murphy means the Democrats in polling who expressed the belief that Biden is too old and can’t do the job after the debate. Biden’s problem isn’t so much with voters at large, but with scared Democrats on Capitol Hill that are fanning the flames of a panic that is freaking out their own voters.

Biden has two campaign events in Pennsylvania and a press conference this week, but that should not be the end of it. Trump isn’t campaign. The Biden campaign needs their candidate to hold lots of events and be in front of voters. Biden needs to do campaign stops, interviews, and town halls. President Biden has an opportunity to outwork Trump, and if he does so, he will not only reassure voters and elected Democrats, he will also be in a fantastic position to win.


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