Special Counsel Jack Smith Puts Trump On Notice In Letter To 11th Circuit


Special Counsel Jack Smith is working through the Thanksgiving holiday and he wrecked Trump’s arguments in a letter to the 11th Circuit.

Here is Smith’s letter rejecting Trump’s argument in the classified documents case:

Smith is coming at the very heart of Trump’s argument that the special master was forced upon the government by the court as some sort of guardrail against wrongdoing by the DOJ.

The Special Counsel laid out that it was the government that suggested the special counsel. Smith bluntly tells Trump and his lawyers that none of their arguments and comparisons are true.

The Special Counsel isn’t messing around with Trump or engaging in any of his games. Trump’s goal is to drag the process out through the courts for as long as possible while avoiding criminal charges in the hope that he will win the 2024 election and can then kill all of the ongoing federal investigations into his activities.

Jack Smith’s first volley was impressive, and he gave Trump and his not-ready-for-primetime lawyers a taste of what could be the trouble to come.

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