TGP Interviews Retired Army CPT and J6 Defendant Gabriel Garcia on J6 Arrest, Death Threats, Chemical Attack, and Alexandra Pelosi’s Video


The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and retired CPT Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia is a retired US Army Captain living in Florida. Gabriel served his country for 15 years retiring in 2018. He served in Iraq, lived in Korea by the DMZ, traveled the world and loved what he did.

Captain Garcia traveled to Washington DC on January 6, 2021, to work security with the Proud Boys.  He made this decision after Antifa terrorists attacked Trump supporters following a rally on December 12, 2020, in the nation’s capital.

At least four Trump supporters were stabbed by Antifa leftists following the Stop the Steal rally in December 2020.

Reports of At Least Four Stabbed in DC Following Stop the Steal Rally, Multiple Officers Injured (VIDEOS)

Captain Gabriel Garcia attended the January 6 rally and walked over to the US Capitol.  He was filming the entire time.  Garcia entered the US Capitol.  There was no police at the door when he walked in.  There was no alarm going off. He took video from inside the US Capitol.  Then he left when he was asked to leave. Gabriel told The Gateway Pundit, “I never heard someone get on the loudspeaker and say, hey, you can’t be in here at this time. You’re going to be prosecuted and arrested. None of that. There was no verbal commands for you to disperse.”

On January 19, 2021, FBI agents banged on his door and stormed his home at 5:30 AM in the morning. Gabriel later found out that it was the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Army CID who stormed his home and traumatized his family. The ARM CID is a criminal investigation division that usually works at military installations. “I found it very strange when I got this report about a year later that they actually had someone from the Department of Defense in my house arresting a civilian who was home at the time.”

Captain Garcia was isolated and refused a phone call for three days. He was released and for the next several days the fake news surrounded his home. At one point, CNN reporters were in his driveway looking in his vehicles for anything to use for a story.

Gabriel Garcia was later banned from AirBNB, canceled from Chase Bank, and banned from social media platforms. He was forced to sell his business at the time.

** Please help retired CPT Gabriel Garcia and donate to his GiveSendGo if you can.

After his arrest Gabriel Garcia received several death threats from the left. And Garcia was sent an envelope filled with white powder. When he opened it if fell out on his desk at work. Gabriel called the police. The FBI and Homeland Security showed up and evacuated the building. Garcia later found out the powder tested positive for biological and/or chemical agents. Garcia told The Gateway Pundit he does not know what was sent to him.

Gabriel Garcia was also sent numerous emails and hate mail telling him to go kill himself.

Gabriel was approached by Alexandra Pelosi to be interviewed for her movie on her mother for HBO. Gabriel said he would only sit with her if he could also record the session.

Pelosi told Garcia and his attorneys that January 6 was not an insurrection and that the DC courts are biased against conservatives. The Gateway Pundit released that explosive video on Friday.

We spoke extensively about the Alexandra Pelosi footage.

Retired CPT Gabriel Garcia goes to court in the coming months. The Biden administration wants to punish Gabriel for walking inside the US Capitol on January 6th, something that no one that day had any idea was considered a crime.

Please pray for Gabriel Garcia and his family.

And once again —

** Please help retired CPT Gabriel Garcia and donate to his GiveSendGo if you can.

Here’s our interview.

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