Trump Is Coming Completely Unglued As He Claims Biden Made Jack Smith Indict Him


Trump is not wearing his federal indictment well, as the former president now claims that President Biden made Jack Smith indict him.


Trump said, “Crooked Joe Biden pressed deranged Jack Smith to do this fake indictment on me in order take the pressure off the fact that they caught Joe Biden stealing $5 million, and that is just the beginning.”

Joe Biden didn’t steal $5 million. This is a piece of Russian misinformation that is being laundered by House Republicans and Trump. According to the FBI, there is no proof that Biden ever received any payments, which is why Trump and the House Republicans can’t provide any evidence to support their claims of Biden bribery.

The bogus bribery allegation is more of Donald Trump’s 2016 playbook being revived. Biden’s bribery is the 2024 version of Hillary’s emails.

The most dangerous part of what Trump is saying is that he appears to be unable to comprehend the idea that the Department of Justice should function independently from the presidency.

With his wild and unsubstantiated allegations against President Biden, Trump is revealing more about himself and why he can never under any circumstances be allowed to return to the White House.

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