Trump Makes Secret Service Confiscate Rubber Chickens At Libertarian Convention


Trump had the Secret Service confiscate rubber chickens that were handed out by the RFK Jr. campaign at the Libertarian Convention.


Kennedy, who spoke earlier at the convention, handed out the squeaky rubber chickens, so that the crowd could heckle Trump for refusing to debate him.

Kate Sullivan of CNN posted that the Secret Service was confiscating the rubber chickens:

“Secret Service agents are confiscating the rubber chickens the pro-RFK Jr super PAC handed out to attendees to disrupt Trump’s speech tonight at the Libertarian convention.

“No lighters, no water bottles, no noisy chickens,” one agent yelled out to people in line.

Trump is afraid of being heckled, so he had the Secret Service ban the chickens under the pretense of them being a threat to Trump’s safety, and squeaky rubber fowl were confiscated.

Trump has also tried to reportedly kick Libertarians out of their own convention and fill the ballroom with MAGA supporters, which is extremely on-brand for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump tries to rig everything, so of course, he tried to rig the crowd at the Libertarian Convention in his favor.

There have been dueling chants of Trump, and F-k Republicans in the ballroom where Trump will be speaking.

Trump tried to overthrow the government, but he is terrified of rubber chickens.

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