Trump Turns On Evangelicals As His 2024 President Bid Collapses


Conservative evangelicals exposed their values fraud when they supported Trump, and now the ex-president is paying them back with attacks.

Trump complains about evangelicals not supporting him enough:

Trump said about evangelicals who have not supported him yet, “Well, I don’t care. That’s a sign of disloyalty. There is great disloyalty in politics, and that’s a sign of disloyalty, because nobody as you know, and you would know better than anybody because you do such a great job. Nobody has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump. I put three Supreme Court justices on and they all voted and they got something they’ve been fighting for for 64 years. You know, they won. They won Roe. Wade. I was a little disappointed because I thought they could have fought much harder during the ’22 election because they won.”

To sum up, Trump thinks evangelicals are disloyal because they haven’t lined up to support him for 2024. Trump clearly thinks evangelicals owe him for the overturn of Roe, but they are also to blame for the historic Republican failure in the 2o33 midterm election.

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Trump is really upset because the money isn’t coming into his presidential campaign. Now that he is a declared 2024 candidate, he can’t use super PAC money to pay for his rallies, and each rally costs roughly $500,000, so Trump is lashing out at the people who have been the backbone of his support.

Evangelicals made put politics over their beliefs when they supported Trump, and now Trump has turned on them for not giving him their lifetime support.

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