US Exit Polls: 73% of Voters Angry About Direction of Country


Since the 2020 election, the Democrat Party’s platform was to destroy the United States as a global power in 4 years or less.

It’s working pretty well.
** 5 million illegal aliens across the US southern border
** 800 deaths of illegal aliens crossing into the US – that we know about
** Record inflation – something we haven’t seen in 40 years
** Massive Failure on the international stage – Afghanistan debacle
** Arming our enemies like the Taliban with $80 billion in US weapons
** Jailing the opposition and raiding the former president’s home
** Record corruption – Pelosi and Biden families
** Destroy the US energy infrastructure

Exit polling on Tuesday showed Americans have had enough.

73% of voters were dissatisfied or angry about the destruction of the country.

TRENDING: BLOOD MOON BLOODBATH… Democrats Steal Midterms, Communism Comes Home to America… Crime, Inflation, Record Gas Prices, War, Open Borders and Corruption WIN BIG

So they voted Democrats back into power.

They really want us to believe this too.

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