Wall Street Journal Editorial Rips Trump’s Nazi Dinner



Editorials such as this are becoming the norm now regarding the Wall Street Journal and its coverage of Trump. Rupert Murdoch told Trump he couldn’t support Trump’s 2024 run, and perhaps some of Rupert’s personal beliefs are leaking onto the platforms because, again – this is the new normal. The WSJ pounded Trump  for his anti-Semitism:

Mr. Trump isn’t going to change, and the next two years will inevitably feature many more such damaging episodes. Republicans who continue to go along for the ride with Mr. Trump are teeing themselves up for disaster in 2024. Worse is that Mr. Trump hasn’t admitted his mistake in hosting the men or distanced himself from the odious views of Mr. Fuentes. Instead Mr. Trump portrays himself as an innocent who was taken advantage of by Mr. West.

As noted in other posts, Trump has yet to say, “I would never have had him as a guest. I find those views abhorrent…” Trump is purposefully allowing the white nationalist stench to hang in the air.

This is also all-too-typical of Mr. Trump’s behavior as President. He usually ducked responsibility and never did manage to denounce the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, or others who have resorted to divisive racial politics, or even violence as on Jan. 6, 2021. Mr. Trump’s failure to vet visitors is an example of his usual lack of organization and discipline, especially given that Mr. West has also been spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

And that is one element that makes this scandal entirely different than most. Trump normally has someone to blame for his troubles. He is persecuted by the Deep State. “Trump-hating Jack Smith…” This scandal is nothing but Trump and Trump’s failure alone. He cannot push it off on someone else, and he’s not really pushing it off much anyway, going no further than, “I didn’t know, and we didn’t talk about it…” (Paraphrase)

And, as the Journal notes, that’s just not good enough and he’s not going to change.


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