What Luck!… Colorado Democrats Find Several Thousand More Ballots for Lauren Boebert’s Opponent


If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

Pro-Trump Republican Lauren Boebert is currently leading in her race against far left Democrat Adam Frisch in rural Colorado.

Boebert currently leads the race by 1,ooo votes and 0.4%.

Boebert has been leading the race for several days now.

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Her opponent is a sleazebag who was caught having an affair in a storage locker in the district.

-But guess what just happened?

Democrats have found several thousand potential Democrat votes to be counted!  What luck!

Newsweek reported without the slightest bit of irony.

The race for Colorado’s third congressional district remains too close to be called, as Trump-endorsed Rep. Lauren Boebert is currently only slightly ahead of her rival, Democrat Adam Frisch.

But the incumbent congresswoman’s narrow lead could once again be overturned if thousands of likely rejected votes in favor of her challenger were to be fixed, as a recount looms over the Colorado race.

Boebert was widely projected to win the midterms, with polling website FiveThirtyEight giving her a 97 in 100 chance of victory in the days ahead of the vote.

As of November 14 and with nearly all of the ballots being counted, Boebert is leading with 50.1 percent of the vote (162,040 votes) against Frisch’s 49.8 percent (160,918 votes).

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