BREAKING LEAK: Trump Facing At Least One Felony Charge in NYC Case


President Trump is facing at least one felony charge in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush payment’ case, according to a leak to the Associate Press.

A Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Trump.

The indictment is currently under seal, however, according to a leak to CNN, President Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud.

A New York judge on Friday authorized DA Alvin Bragg to make the Trump indictment public.

It is unclear when Alvin Bragg will make the indictment public, according to Reuters.

Trump is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday at 2:15 PM ET in New York City on the trumped up charges.

Trump will not take a plea deal in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush payment’ case, according to the former president’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina.

AP reported:

Former President Donald Trump is facing multiple charges of falsifying business records, including at least one felony offense, in the indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Friday.

The indictment remained sealed and the specific charges were not immediately known, but details were confirmed by people who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss information that isn’t yet public.

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